Guide to Dorset's beaches

Dorset dog friendly beaches

Map featuring Dorset dog friendly beaches. Click on pins to view beach details

The beach guide has 18 beaches listed where dogs are allowed and a further 41 where dogs are restricted in Dorset. There are 1 beaches in Dorset on which a dog ban is in operation.

Beaches where dogs are allowed

These are beaches where there are generally no restrictions on taking your dog on the beach any time of the year. This covers the majority of beaches in Dorset. There are one or two that require dogs to be kept on the lead during the summer months.

Beaches where dogs are restricted

Most of these restrictions are seasonal bans, although additional information will be included on the beach description page. As a rule the seasonal ban runs from Easter day to 1st October unless otherwise stated.

Beaches where dogs are banned

A handful of beaches in Dorset exercise an outright dog ban. These are mostly privately owned beaches with public access.